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Living and learning in NUU



The school offers a few Chinese learning classes for foreign students. If foreign students have particular needs for Chinese learning, they need to apply for tutors for help. However, the applicants must pay a certain amount of fee for individual turors.







The school offers scholarships for foreign students; however, specific amount and qualifications are to be addressed by related departments of the school. The program of Taiwan languages and communication does not guarantee that foreign students get scholarships.





The school provides foreign students residence; however, foreign students must file for application when they receive formal admission letter.





The graduate program is an unit of academic research, cultivating talents to diffuse and communicate Taiwanese languages and literature. Graduate students are required to attain following capabilities:


(1) Integrating Taiwanese languages and communication skills
(2) Taking hold of digital communication trends
(3) Preservation, interpretation and study of Taiwanese languages





The courses listed in the graduate and undergraduate programs include required courses and selective courses. Required courses for graduate programs include: Research methods, theories of culture, and digital convergence and communication skills. Selective courses include: Taiwanese visual culture, Topics on Taiwanese languages, Special topics on contemporary Taiwanese writers, writing and application (Please refer to the attached files). Required courses for undergraduate programs include: Hakka language acquisition, Introduction to Taiwan languages, Taiwan literature, Theories of literature criticism, journalism writing and editing, visual production of digital skills, etc. Selective courses include: Advanced Hakka writing and speaking, documentary and filmmaking, TV journalism, writing of poetry, essays and fiction, etc.





Teachers will teach in Chinese, and require students to submit papers and do extensive reading. Some teachers may accept students’ papers in English; however, some teachers may only accept Chinese written reports.

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