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Faculty members


  The department has ten full-time teachers whose concentration including

Taiwan languages, literature and media communication. All of them have

achieved Ph.D. degree in Taiwan and the U.S. Those who concentrate on

media communication all have had professional experiences as journalists,

anchorman and film producers.




Yu-Hua Wang, Professor

Research expertise: Ethnic literature and culture, Chinese literature, modern literature, Taiwanese literature and documents from the Qing dynasty, and literary creations.

Ke-Ming Lin, Associate Professor

Research expertise: Image theory/criticism/creation, reader/consumer research, cultural research and critical theory, contemporary continental ideologies, communication research methods, and interactive and integrated media.

Professional classrooms: Shooting studio, editing room

Ya-Fang Chiu, Associate Professor

Research expertise: Taiwanese contemporary authors and their works, Japanese literature during Japanese Taiwan, feminism and gender theories, and East-Asian literature studies.

Jung-Kuang Sun, Associate Professor

Research expertise: International communications, interviews and writing, and communications management.

Professional classrooms: Broadcasting studio

Kai Sheng,


Research expertise: Taiwanese literature, Taiwanese art, interdisciplinary arts research, literary theory, sociology of art, and Marxist aesthetics theory.

Ying-Ying Chen, Assistant Professor

Research expertise: Internet news, political communications, agenda setting, news interview writing, communications and social change, persuasive communications, science & technology and culture, research methods, and communication theory.

Professional classrooms: Graphics classroom

Hui-Chen Huang,  Professor

Research expertise: Yang Kui literature, Taiwanese literature during Japanese Taiwan, post-WWII Taiwanese literature, and modern and contemporary Chinese-language literature.

Sheng-yu Teng , Associate Professor

Research expertise: Hakka language research, language and culture, Chinese language phonology, and language field surveys.


Yu-Peng Lin, Assistant Professor

Expertise: Media distribution studies, media literacy, film policy, music policy, cultural marketing.

TEL: 037-382744

E-mail: yupenglin@nuu.edu.tw

Li-Ching Hung, Assistant Professor

Expertise: Linguistics, integrating life education into English teaching

TEL: 037-381713

E-mail: lhung@nuu.edu.tw

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