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Curriculum for graduate program

 Required courses for graduate programs include: Research methods, theories of culture, and digital convergence and communication skills. Selective courses include: Taiwanese visual culture, Topics on Taiwanese languages, Special topics on contemporary Taiwanese writers, writing and application (Please refer to the attached files).

  • The First Grade

Theories Of Culture

Research Methods

Digital Media And Language/Literature/Communication

Taiwanese Visual Culture

Topics On Taiwan Language

Special Topics On Contemporary Literature Communication

Society On Internet And Social Media

Popular Literature Of Taiwan

Cultural Studies In Taiwan

Taiwanese Mass Culture

Digital Media And Art

Taiwanese Ethnic And Nativist Writing

Ethnic Contact And Language Change

Special Topics On Contemporary Taiwanese Writers

Topics On History Of Taiwan Literature

Research Method: Survey



  • The Second Grade

Literature And Cinema

Taiwanese Cultural-historical Art And Digital Archive

Taiwan Documentaries

Topics On Hakka Vocabulary

Digital Convergence And Communication Skills

Writing And Application

Topics On Popular Music And TV Programming

Art Reporting And Review

Social Media And Cultural Communication

Media Representation Of Sex

Globalization Of Communication

In-depth Reporting On Languages And Culture

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