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Curriculum for undergraduate program

 Required courses for undergraduate programs include: Hakka language acquisition, Introduction to Taiwan languages, Taiwan literature, Theories of literature criticism, journalism writing and editing, visual production of digital skills, etc. Selective courses include: Advanced Hakka writing and speaking, documentary and filmmaking, TV journalism, writing of poetry, essays and fiction, etc.

  • Freshman

Introduction to Literature

History of Taiwan

Introduction to Taiwan Culture

Basic Hakka (1) (2)

Basic Hakka Internship (1) (2)

Introduction to Linguistics(1) (2)

Ethnic Culture and Mass Communication

Introduction to Image Communication

Basic Reporting and Newswriting

Basic Reporting and Newswriting Internship

Selected Reading in Modern Novel with Writing Practice 

Selected Reading in Modern Prose with Writing Practice

Art History of Taiwan

Selected Reading in Modern Poetry with Writing Practice 

Taiwan Fiction during the Japanese Occupation

Public Speaking and Broadcast Host /Anchorperson Practice

Principles of Journalism

Communication History

Radio Broadcasting Practice

Classical literature reading



  • Sophomore

Intermediate Hakka (1) (2)

Intermediate Hakka Internship (1) (2)

Languages in Taiwan: A Linguistic Introduction

History of Taiwan Literature (1) (2)

Literary Theory and Criticism

Communication Theory 

Practice in Editing

Digital Photography and Editing

Digital Photography and Editing Internship

TV and Radio Production

Journalistic English – Reading 

Journalistic English – Listening

Taiwan Classic Prose

History & Culture of Hakka 


Taiwan Classic Poetry

Taiwan Hakka Literature

Cultural Marketing and Planning

Community Communication Issues 

Reporting and Newswriting on Ethnic Culture

Internet and Communication

Graphic Design and Digital Art

An Introduction to Digital Contents



  • Junior

Taiwan Southern Min(1) (2)

Linguistic Fieldwork

Hakka Vocabulary research

Cultural Studies

Research Methods and Paper Writing

History of Chinese Literature(1) (2)

Taiwan Literary Films

Drama discernment and Practice

Taiwan Reportage Literature

Taiwan Literary Drama Performance

Modernist Literature

Hakka Literature

On-Line News Design and Editing

Policy and Communication Law

Writing and Reporting for Broadcasting News

Documentary Film Production 

In-Depth Reporting and Feature Writing

Globalization and Localization of Communication

Radio/TV/Film Script Writing

English Speaking Ability

Language and Culture

Chinese Phonology

Consecutive Interpretation

Licence of Guide Practical 

Creativity of Cultural & Digital Products



  • Senior

Senior Thesis

Writing and Practice of Hakka

Writing and Practice of Southern Min 

Hakka Grammar & Rhetoric


Aboriginal Literature 

Modern Chinese Literature

Language policy and language planning

History of Contemporary Japanese Literature

Media Internship

Special Topics in Contemporary Mass Communication

Advance TV and Radio Production 

Integrated Marketing Communication 

News Translation 

Marketing of Digital Industry


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