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Educational Traits


Educational Traits


1. Cultivating communicators skilled in native languages and who speak for the disadvantaged:

Because of the decline of native cultures, this Department enables students to master the languages

of disadvantaged groups using language and culture as an entry point, thereby increasing their local

awareness and becoming communicators of Taiwan’s local minority cultures.

2. Cultivating members of the media who respect ethnic culture and care deeply about the humanities:

In the highly competitive media environment in Taiwan, native culture does not receive the attention it

deserves. Based on the foundation of a deeply instilled motherland culture, this department hopes to

cultivate members of the media who respect diverse ethnic cultures and care deeply about the humanities

in Miaoli, and it also hopes to inject new blood into Taiwan’s communications industry.

3. Cultivating promoters of Taiwanese culture with global and macroscopic views:

Globalization is an unstoppable trend, and this Department hopes that its students, through mastering native

languages and caring for local cultures, as well as possessing communications skills, can become marketers

and promoters of Taiwanese cultures.

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